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Marli Johnson captures timeless photography for the unfolding story of your life. With a classic, enduring style and the unique ability to curate conditions for the most authentic moment, Marli captures intimate elopements, elegant weddings, soon-to-be-favorite family portraiture, tender engagement sessions, and more. Located in Shreveport, available across Louisiana and Texas.

Hey, I’m Marli!

I believe in capturing the moments of meaning and memory that mark your story, I find that we’re our truest selves with people we know we can trust and feel comfortable with. While my photography style is classic and iconic with thoughtfully captured images meant to last, I want you and those you love to experience me as their cheerleader, their champion, and their friend. I do my best to encourage peace, play, and being present with the moment we’re in—a moment we want to remember for a lifetime.

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Kind Words / Testimonials

Kind Words / Testimonials

Weddings & Elopements

This is the day that you’ve been planning for—it deserves to be captured with tenderness, honesty, and the joy that it merits! From the grand and glamorous to the intimate and sentimental, the love story that you’re telling is one that should be told again and again. I want to help you tell that love story well. Together, we’ll make a plan to ensure your special day is captured with the timeless beauty and enduring meaning that they were always meant to hold.

Families & Couples

Life is made up of the little moments in-between the snapshots, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t freeze time with the capture. As you take a leap in your unfolding story, or find yourself in a moment you want to remember with absolute clarity, or want to encapsulate the ages and stages of the life happening around you, we can work together to discover and reveal the authentic experience of your life with beautiful, timeless photography.

Individuals & Portraiture

Your story is perpetually in motion, and every now and again, it’s time to slow down and capture the unique expressions of that story as they are—and as they’re unfolding. This moment, like every page of the book of your life, deserves to be told with authenticity and honesty, honoring where you are heading, and where you’re going. Whether you’re needing new headshots, or are wanting to pause time to see all of the beauty found there, we can make plans to ensure the story is told timelessly.

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Hello, friends! Marli Johnson here – a wedding and portrait photographer based in the beautiful city of Shreveport, Louisiana. Today, I wanted to take some time to share with you what the experience is truly like working alongside me to capture the most meaningful moments in your life’s journey.