“There are no strangers – only friends you haven’t met yet.”

“There are no strangers – only friends you haven’t met yet.”

Hey, I’m Marli!

I’ve been taking professional photographs for years, though it didn’t start out that way. I began taking photos to capture work I was doing in a different field, but as I had just become a mom for the very first time, I found myself snapping photos of my newborn and falling in love with the craft. Now, many years and several cameras later, I love what I do and I’m proud of what I create.

I believe in capturing the moments of meaning and memory that mark your story, I find that we’re our truest selves with people we know we can trust and feel comfortable with.

While my photography style is classic and iconic with thoughtfully captured images meant to last, I want you and those you love to experience me as their cheerleader, their champion, and their friend. I do my best to encourage peace, play, and being present with the moment we’re in—a moment we want to remember for a lifetime.

I am a wife to my high school sweetheart, Lewis, and a mom to our two beautiful babies.